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Graduation Hat Throw

"At Axiom, I experienced that unreserved energy and willingness to offer help from my instructor Lee, Diana in Admin, and Rebecca. They were always readily available to help a student with any academic challenges. When I started school, I was on medical leave due to an injury at work. Lee ensured that I was always comfortable in class and able to catch up on any missed lectures or course units in case I was out for a medical appointment. I do not regret any minute I spent at Axiom, it paid off and if you need that excellent competitive advantage with employers in a healthcare setting, Axiom Career College is the place! Register now, DO NOT HESITATE!"

Zahra Namaganda, Graduate MAP

"Class size has increased my confidence. I feel comfortable asking for help and communicating my needs. Lee is an amazing teacher. She ensures that each student understands course and subject material, leaving no one behind. My life has already changed for the better. I have noticed that since going to school I have instilled a more positive outlook on life in general."

Caitlin S.

"Our instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable; if someone had a question they weren’t afraid to ask. She was laid back but also wanted students to put in an effort and succeed in the program and, furthermore, a job. I felt it was not just about teaching people and then shipping them off. She knows where a lot of her former students work and she actually cares about them! I would say that our instructor was very driven and that is contagious. She strives to do the best for her students."

Graduate, MAP

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Lee (instructor). She is not only a great friend but she is also a great mentor! I highly recommend Axiom Career College to anyone who is looking for a place that will help them reach their career goals."

Chelsy Clendenan

"I went to a different college before I found out about this one and I can honestly say I wish I waited. I found out about Axiom Career College when I needed a lot of help with an accounting class that I took and Lee (the instructor) had more than open hands. I gained a real friendship with her and I've learnt more from her in a matter of 10+ tutor visits than a normal 4 months worth of classes! It's such a breath of fresh air knowing how much she cares about each individual when I'm not even a student from Axiom! I can probably write one thousand paragraphs on how amazing I think this company and Lee is! I wouldn't even question about joining their programs! They are amazing and they make sure to let you know that you are an important student and that not only your future is in your own hands but they are always by your side along the way! If only I just knew about them sooner! Definitely a 10/10 ♥"

Nikki Evashenko

"The small class sizes make it really easy to learn. It is more comfortable and easier to have open communication in a small class. Easy to balance family life because you don't have hours and hours of homework - there is plenty of class time. Very flexible and willing to work with payment schedules."

Sam S.

"Thank you to Amanda and Stephanie. The blended learning worked well for me, as the timeline for the course helped me stay on track but also work at my own pace. I am thankful for Axiom, as I had gotten a job at an office right after I graduated. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into the dental field. Thank you again. "

Vada H. Graduate DOABL

"With small classes, it has helped me with learning one on one. You are able to get help fast without having to wait. There is minimal homework; you are given plenty of class time to work on things. You feel so much more knowledgable and you will be able to find a job when school is done."

Brittney C.

"Axiom is a great place to start your future in the medical field, the small classes and wonderful instructor will train you for what is actually needed to succeed. 


Axiom has given me a future that I am excited for, a future with more goals, and more security. 


I want to thank the instructor for the one on one classes and the ambitious drive to make me a better person, and a better professional.  I am happy and honoured to have a great experience and education at Axiom!"

Hailee Friesen, MAA

"Thank you for everything Rebecca, I have taken so many courses but this was the absolute best one. You are such a great instructor."


Brenda Schlamp, CP, RMT practicing for 23 years

Prenatal Massage Workshop

"The online learning worked really well for me - I like to be able to go at things at my own pace. I found the information to be in depth, covering much more information than I anticipated. I feel much more confident in my ability to appropriately treat a pregnant mama and excited to try the hands on techniques. Thanks again!"

Lizz Botrell, CP, MT

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