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Medical Massage Therapy

Enroll in our hands-on, innovative class for advanced students. Our qualified and experienced instructors serve as facilitators of the learning process. Instead of simply lecturing, they guide students by helping make sense of course materials, encouraging them to ask questions and explore solutions, and promoting the use of resources outside of the classroom.

Our 2,300-hour program is completed over two-years to become a professional Massage Therapist. 

Axiom Career College complies with the Canadian standard of Inter‐Jurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators for Massage Therapists at Entry‐to‐Practice. We support A Plan to Establish a Canadian Accreditation Process for Massage Therapy Education Programs as we strive to gain legislation in Saskatchewan. To learn more about the program, check out our FAQs below!

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*Axiom continues to be committed to their students. Programs will operate one of three ways: online, as a modified blended program (online and in-person), or in-person with strict PPE and guidelines until the COVID19 measures have been lifted. 

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September 2022







 Prerequisite: Year one of a  (minimum) 2,200-hour massage therapy program in order to register. 

Is a Two-Week Program Sufficient to Become a Massage Therapist?

Do not be deceived by two-week programs that claim to give you quality education. Our 2,300- hour program allows you to have over 1,200 hours of hands-on learning, practice and experience that cannot be replicated in two weeks. Your academic knowledge, hours of practicum and studying will prepare you to be a competent Massage Therapist.

For public safety and industry standards the successful completion of a 2,200 hour program is the minimum requirement to obtain malpractice insurance (insurance for a Massage Therapist to practice) and coordination of benefits (patient reimbursement by benefits/insurance companies).

Massage Therapy is not yet legislated in Saskatchewan, meaning that there is no College of Massage Therapy, as there is a College of Physicians and Surgeons or a College of Nursing. Once Legislation has passed, all practicing professionals will have to have successfully completed a 2,200-hour diploma to be eligible to write the entry to practice exam.

What Makes Our Massage Program Different?

Medical Massage Therapy at Axiom Career College is an updated program; we keep up with industry developments and standards. We also comply with Inter-Jurisdictional Practice Competencies, which is the educational standard for the industry.

Majority of Massage Therapists are self-employed as contractors or running their own business. Our program is different because we teach you how to be self-employed, to be confident in your practice and business. The business elements incorporated into the massage program are useful and relevant to what you will encounter as a professional. You will have confidence when you manage money, taxes, financials, accounting and business transactions. Our business preparation is invaluable and unmatched by any other program.

Additionally, our classes are all encompassing and highly involved. We focus on your ability and appeal to all types of learning for the best outcomes. We do our best to use technology to aid in learning, without sacrificing the integrity of the material or program. Support from your instructors will help you navigate the challenging material to reach your optimal potential and develop into the best professional you can be. We want to increase the quality of massage graduates to raise the standards of the industry. You are the next leaders!

This program was created for Massage Therapists by a Massage Therapist, making the content pertinent to your career. We strive for a higher standard of education and are committed to updating and investing into our program as the industry evolves. Axiom Career College classes are small. You are not a number, we will know you by name; this allows us to put our students first. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

We pride ourselves on being a professional and ethical school. Our instructors and supervisors are all experienced Registered Massage Therapists who are passionate about their industry and careers. Faculty have a minimum of five-year’s work experience, with many of our staff exceeding 10 years. You and your education are important to us, we would be honored if you let us be a part of your journey.

Tuition, Textbooks & Cost

Tuition, Textbooks & Cost:

Administration fee (registration): $60

Access to a Laptop/Computer required


Year 1: $ 9,800*

Year 2: $ 9,800*


Year 1: $ 1,080*

Year 2: $ 576*

Student Fees

Year 1: $ 725*

Year 2: $ 660*

Student fees include: supply package (provided by Axiom), clinical shirt(s), printing fees, workshops, labs, PPE, learning resoruces etc.


Year 1 & 2: $797*

Practical treatment supplies combined for years one and two, prices are estimates. List provided upon registration. Supplies not provided.

*Subject to change

Prerequisite & Requirements

Gr. 12, or GED equivalent

Health Science 20 or Biology 30 (high school)

Basic Computer Literacy

Recommended (not required):

Chemistry (high school)

Physics (high school)

Optional: Mature Student Status (omit health science/biology; life experince taken into account). See if you qualify here.

Upon Acceptance

Criminal Record Check

Vulnerable Sector Check

Physician Health Check

Laptop/Computer required

Where do I get a Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check? Cost?

You may get your criminal record and vulnerable sector check at your local police detatchment. Submit after acceptance, must be in one week prior to start date. If you are a rurual resident, you may get your criminal record and vulnerable sector check at the RCMP detatchment at your closest major city. COST: (estimated numbers, are subject to change based on third party requirments) Criminal Record Check: $ 75.00 Vulnerable Record Check: $ 25.00 *Bring identification and a piece of mail with your name and address on it.

How Do I Apply for Medical Massage Therapy?

You may apply and pay the admission fee through our website. Payment is secure through PayPal processing.

Upon completing the application and payment, you will be contacted via email with a detailed list of all requirements, textbooks, and supply list. A representative from the school will contact you to set up an appointment for an interview and for you to view the facility.

If you are wanting more information about the Medical Massage Therapy program before you commit, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca at or call her at 306.952.0510 to discuss or set up an appointment.

Program details: Start dates, length, class times

Location: Saskatoon, SK
Start Dates: September (Year 1 and 2) January - Not currently available Program: Full-time
Classes: Monday - Friday Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Weekly practicum: 3:15pm - 7:30pm *one day a week Online: not currently available Length: Two-years An offical class schedule will be provided after student contract is signed

Is there a Practicum?

Yes, Medical Massage Therapy has a required practicum built into the program. We have an onsite student clinic where intern practitioners (students) treat the general public. This is an opportunity to practice your hands-on skills weekly, starting in term one.

Additionally we have out-reach events that interns attend to help build their practice and to obtain required hours. Workshops and in-reaches are built into the academic portion of the program to expose students to multiple techniques and modalities. This ensures our graduates are well rounded with a multitude of experiences.


Income Yearly Gross for Saskatchewan Established Massage Therapist (High) $ 88,000 - $ 99,450 Average (Median) $ 61,750 Entry (Low) $ 27,203


Can I Apply as a Mature Student?

To apply as a mature student you must:

  • Be 21 years or older by the program start date.
  • Have finished high-school for a minimum of two years by the program start date.
  • Assess life experince in place of highschool transcripts

Why “Medical” Massage Therapy?

Why “Medical” Massage Therapy? The program teaches current researched evidence-based practices. Graduates will be therapeutic or rehabilitative therapists - fitting for the College of Massage Therapy when legislation occurs in Saskatchewan. Our graduates will be refined practitioners that the medical community will be confident referring their patients to. Potential referrals will be from medical doctors, physiotherapists, or chiropractors (for example) for soft tissue treatments, medical conditions, and ailments. Additionally, classes/subjects like pharmacology, medical conditions, research methodology, orthopedic assessments, remedial exercise, neuroanatomy, extensive gross anatomy, and outcomes in massage theory and practical (hospital based massage, soft tissue injuries, and conditions) are all within the scope of medical practices.

Intoduction to Massage Workshop

Introduction to Massage Workshop

Interested in Massage Therapy, but would like some exposure? Attend our Introduction workshop! If you enroll in our Medical Massage Therapy program after attending, you will have your admission fee waived.

Discount on the workshop if you bring a friend!

Click here to be redirected to the Introduction to Massage Workshop page.

Program Schedule

MMT is a full-time two year program from September to June. Class: Monday - Friday Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Practicum: 3:15 pm-7:00pm Starting in term 1; once a week

Language Proficency

We require a level 7 in English language proficiency, the assessment is done during the admissions process. Currently we are not eligible to accept international students, only permanent residents and Candian citizens.

COVID19 (Fall classes are a go!)

*Axiom continues to be committed to their students. Programs will operate one of three ways: online, as a modified blended program (online and in-person), or in-person with strict PPE and guidelines until the COVID19 measures have been lifted.