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Prenatal & Maternity Massage Workshop

Our Continuing Education for Massage Therapists is "Blended" meaning it is online and hands-on. Our qualified and experienced teacher serves as facilitator of the learning process. Instead of simply lecturing, she guides students by helping make sense of course materials, encouraging them to ask questions and explore solutions, and promoting the use of resources outside of the classroom and in your practice. Start your online class at any time and have access until your practicum (online class must be completed prior to practicum). We have partnered with Body Support Systems and extend our educators discount to participants. To learn more about the program and practicum check out our FAQs below!


Rebecca call or text: 306.291.3966

Prerequisites: Minimum 2,200-hour diploma

Must be a Registered, Licensed Massage Therapist or 2nd-Year Massage student of a 2,200(+) hour program

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Practicum Dates


April 14, 2019 - Saskatoon, SK

*Theses are the only scheduled workshops for 2018/2019

Minimum of 5 participants for practicum.

If you'd like the practicum to come to your area, please email Rebecca at Info@axiomcareercollege.com

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Active Learning

A High Academic Standard

Take your prenatal treatments beyond the basics taught in Rattray, with our extensive Prenatal & Maternity Massage Workshop. Have you ever been curious why we, as RMTs, are instructed not to treat specific areas on a pregnant woman's hands, ankles, and feet? Gain new knowledge about techniques, anatomy (of mother and baby), contraindications, specific acupressure points, equipment, proper positioning and the massive physiological change that pregnant women undergo. Massage is one of the SAFEST modalities for pregnant women – learn about the myths of massage and miscarriage along with other misleading information.

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Como Iniciar em Maravilhas da Terra?

O primeiro passo é realizar o seu cadastro e com isso sua ativação na empresa. Na sequência sua conta estará ativa e você poderá revender os produtos e desenvolver sua equipe em todo território nacional.

Quanto custa a Inscrição no Maravilhas da Terra?

Para realizar seu cadastro e sua ativaçaõ é necessário adiquirir o MDT-Box que custa atualmente R$ 297,90. Este valor pode ser pago via boleto ou parcelado no cartão , inclusive de terceiros. Neste valor você recebe sua primeira pronta entrega para vendas. O valor da venda destes itens já cobrirá o investimento realizado para o início.

Preciso ser bom em vender para fazer este negócio?

Não! De forma alguma! Aqui na MDT você precisa ter força de vontade, pois é possível você obter faturamentos altíssimos sem realizar venda direta. Um exemplo é divulgando o link da sua loja virtual, que estará ativo imediatamente após seu cadastro, ou ainda, oferecendo essa oportunidade a outras pessoas.

Qual a média de faturamento de um consultor Maravilhas da Terra?

Seu faturamente é proporcional ao seu empenho. Se você vender pelo menos dois chá por dia você já garante pelo menos R$ 1.200,00 ao mês. O que irá determinar o seu crescimento não é a quantidade de horas trabalhadas, mas sim seu dedicação em construir um negócio.

Os chás são naturais?

Sim! 100% naturais. São concentrados de plantas e ervas em raspas, talos e pó, elaborado por especialistas em produtos fitoterapêuticos e sem adição de conservantes.

Tem contraindicação ou efeito colateral?

Não! Entretanto, idosos, gestantes, quem está amamentando e menores de 12 anos devem consultar um médico antes de utilizar.

Posso parcelar o pagamento no Boleto?

Não é possível parcelar no boleto, pois o pagamento é único, mas no cartão de crédito é possível parcelar com juros da administradora.

Quantos quilos posso perder com o protocolo de emagrecimento?

Os resultados variam de pessoa para pessoa, mas com super chá SB você já vê resultados em pouco tempo. Os resultados alcançados com o protocolo são surpreendentes.

About Prenatal Massage

There is a growing demand for prenatal therapists. Pregnant women are limited on their options for pain management, mental and emotional health, and overall self-care. Furthermore, much of prenatal health care is void of personal touch making Prenatal Massage not only popular but also necessary for many women. You, as Certified Prenatal, RMT, can have profound influence on a woman's pregnancy, making her journey not only easier but much more enjoyable. Happy healthy mama's grow happy healthy babies! Many more prenatal professionals such as MDs, Midwives, and OBGYNs are referring women for Prenatal Massage.

Material covered includes conception, pregnancy, prelabour, labour, postpartum, and how massage and acupressure can influence and help each of these stages. Learn about different techniques, acupressure points, proper assessment, positioning (much more than sideline!), equipment, and essential oils that are recommended and contraindicated for prenatal massage. Learn how to teach soon-to-be mama's vital home care that will not only prepare them for labour but also help promote an easier labour. We will explore marketing opportunities and you will gain access to tools that can significantly help you grow your business!

Prenatal & Maternity Massage is an integrative, fun, exciting, and safe learning experience. We use a combination of Online (learn at your own pace), lectures, treatments, and hands-on learning with equipment for you to develop into a confident Prenatal RMT. An online assignment, which doubles as a take-home quick reference, helps you organize all the relevant material into one handy little package for future use. NO Exams for you!

This workshop is taught by an RMT for RMTs. Rebecca Bekolay, RMT, is an 10 year veteran that is passionate about her industry; she is also a mother!  She has worked in conjunction with many other professionals such as Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Midwives, MDs, and OBGYNs to treat pregnant women. In her experience she has encountered high-risk pregnancies, multiples, textbook pregnancies, and cesarean sections to name a few. She adopts the idea that a person can always learn something new and she is very excited to share with you the joys of being a Certified Prenatal, Registered Massage Therapist.


"I just wanted to tell you that this course was absolutely fantastic! I learned so much! And it further reaffirmed how little they educate you about pregnant women in school."

Darcel Woytowich CP, RMT

"The online learning worked really well for me - I like to be able to go at things at my own pace. I found the information to be in depth, covering much more information than I anticipated. I feel much more confident in my ability to appropriately treat a pregnant mama and excited to try the hands on techniques. Thanks again!"

Lizz Botrel CP, MT

"I want to thank you for setting up the course this way (online). It was very informative and laid out very well! It was also very handy to be able to do it at my own pace!"

Denyé Pegg CP, RMT

"This class was informative and detailed. I enjoyed it even more than I expected! I'm very excited to take my practice in this direction. Thank you!"

Afton McElroy CP, RMT

"I highly recommend this course to RMTs interested in providing maternal massage care. After completing the course I feel very confident to provide a safe and effective prenatal and maternity massage to my pregnant patients. The assignment that turn into a quick reference guide and is an invaluable tool. Thanks Rebecca."

Dorothy Heimersson CP, RMT

"Thank you for everything. Rebecca I have taken so many courses but this was the absolute best one. You are such a great instructor"

Brenda Schlamp CP, RMT of 23 years

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