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Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available through the Canada National Student Loan Program, and all full-time programs are approved. We can help you apply during the admission process!

We will contact you for an Admissions appointment once you have submitted payment and we have processed your application. Admissions appointments are typically within 2 months of the program start date.

University Student

Applications Now Being Accepted

While academic transcripts are an important factor for admittance into Axiom Career College, we carefully consider a wide range of factors. From accomplishments both in school and outside the classroom, to personal attributes and experiences, these often overlooked indicators are strong reflections of the qualities needed to succeed both academically and personally.

Life-Long Learner Admission

Life-Long Learner admission is available to applicants who meet the criteria. All direct entry colleges consider applicants under Life-Long Learner admissions

Alternate to prerequisite requirements determined by high school transcripts

Example. High school biology is a prerequisite for Medical Massage Therapy​ and may be omitted under Life-Long Learner admission.

Must be 21 years of age by the first day of class

You must be finished your high school education for two years by the first day of classes

Note "Life-Long Learner" when applying

Mature Student Status
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