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Cadaver Labs

Axiom’s Medical Massage Therapy Program conducts Cadaver labs as part of our Gross Anatomy course. We occasionally have a few extra spaces that we are willing to fill with former RMT students who were affected by the COVID lockdown. The lab focuses on muscles, nerves, ligaments, and landmarks. Seats are subject to availability. No cell phones or recording devices are permitted. Respect and autonomy of specimens are paramount. Masks are optional but recommended. Please contact us for available spaces as priority is given to current and past students. 

More Info

We typically have 4 sessions a year in conjunction with our Gross Anatomy courses. We hold 2 sessions in one day. Discount for taking both sessions within a day (use code: BOTH).

November (Saturday)

March (Saturday)

Length: 2.5 hours per session

Times: 9:00 am & 11:30 am


Head and Anterior neck

Axial Skeleton

Shoulder Girdle, Brachium & Forearm

Pelvic Girdle, Leg & Foot

Whole Body Overview

Location: U of S Biology Department

Cost: $90/Session

$180/both (code: BOTH, entre at time of purchase)





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