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Medical Administrative Professional

Fun and Challenging

Medical Administrative Assistant 
Blended Learning

Become a Medical Administrative Assistant and dive right into class with our experienced teachers. Rather than just listening, memorizing, and repeating facts, this class has students discovering, analyzing, and learning from experience. Our goal as educators is to spur our students’ curiosity and help them reach their potential. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Medical Administrative Assistant - Blended Learning is an advanced administrative curriculum with a focus on the medical field that is 50% online and 50% in-person.  Almost completely computer-based, this full-time diploma program offers diverse classes. Learn basic and advanced medical transcription, basic and advanced Microsoft office, manual and computerized accounting. Students also receive in-depth training on how to prepare manual and digital records, maintain confidentiality, understand basic patient psychology related to your profession and how to effectively communicate using medical language with professionals and patients.. MAPBL is developed with input from the Saskatoon Health Region. Axiom Career College offers small classes to provide you with the support you need. In ten short months graduates will qualify for employment in hospitals, cancer centers, clinics, chiropractic offices, specialist offices, and also general business offices. Check out our frequently asked question below.


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Start Dates

September  3, 2024 

Method of Delivery

Blended: Online & In-person


10 Months

Application Fee




Admission Requirements

Grade 12 or equivalent (GED/ABE)

Basic Computer Literacy


Saskatoon, SK


Eligible for Student Loans





* subject to change

TEXTBOOKS & FEES: Application Fees are non-refundable. Textbook Costs: $815* Estimate included taxes/shipping eBook options available for certain texts Textbooks & eBooks are paid for at orentation and will be provided upon payment. Printing Fees: $205* CPR: $115* Level C with AED Grad Fee: $50* *Subject to change

LIFE LONG LEARNER APPLICATION: Life-Long Learner admission is available to applicants who meet the criteria. All direct entry colleges consider applicants under Life-Long Learner admissions. Must be 21 years of age by the first day of class You must be finished your high school education for two years by the first day of classes Select "Life-Long Learner" when applying

OPTIONAL PRACTICUM There is an optional 40-hour, 2-week practicum available to those who qualify.

Still have a question? Contact us now and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

UPDATED CURRICULUM The curriculum undergoes annual review and updates, this iterative process guarantees that our program remains current and reflective of industry standards, equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills for successful entry into the field of Medical Administrative Assistant.

HIGH RATE OF EMPLOYMENT With over 90% of our graduates securing positions prior to graduation, our institution proudly showcases the quality and preparedness of our students. Employers frequently prioritize hiring our graduates, drawn to their exceptional professionalism, performance, and adeptness in providing treatment. Continually demonstrating their capabilities, our graduates stand out in the industry, making a positive impact in the workplace.

FREE PARKING & ACCESS TO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION At Axiom Career College, we understand the importance of providing convenient amenities to support our students' educational journey. That's why we offer free parking for our students, alongside easy access to public transportation options. We believe that removing the hassle and cost of parking, coupled with convenient public transport links, contributes to a stress-free learning environment. This approach allows students to focus on their studies and professional development without worrying about transportation logistics. Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond the classroom, ensuring that every aspect of the student experience is tailored to support their success. With both free parking and access to public transport available, students can easily commute to campus and fully engage in their learning experience at Axiom Career College.

SUPPORT At Axiom Career College, we prioritize student support and ensure ease of access to instructors for our blended learning programs. Our approach to education goes beyond traditional boundaries, offering a dynamic blend of online and in-person instruction to cater to diverse learning styles and needs. We provide comprehensive student support services, including virtual tutoring, academic advising, and technical assistance, to help students succeed in their studies. Additionally, our instructors are readily available and accessible, both online and on-campus, to provide personalized guidance, answer questions, and offer mentorship throughout the learning process. With our commitment to student support and accessibility, Axiom Career College ensures that all learners have the resources they need to achieve their academic and professional goals.

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Course Descriptions

Blended Learning You Will Love

Advanced Terminology

This advanced terminology course will give the student relevant and specialty specific knowledge of medical terminology. There are ten weeks of study in this course; each week is specific to one area of specialty. The modules contained in this course are relative to possibly employment in health care facilities for the student.

Advanced Medical Transcription

This advanced transcription course will give the student experience proofreading physician’s reports. Since transcription is moving towards voice recognition software, this course prepares the student for real-life scenarios dealing with proofing of reports completed off-site or via voice recognition software. This course will build further on the student’s skills and knowledge gained from grammar, proofreading, office procedures, basic and advanced terminology, and anatomy and physiology. The student will gain experience with patient EMR while completing this course.

Basic Medical Terminology

This basic medical terminology course will give the student a basic understanding of the medical language. There are twelve units that will be body system specific. Included in this course is prefix, suffix, and word root usage, pronunciation, and terminology with definitions of medical words. Basic medical terminology is a prerequisite for advanced medical terminology.

Basic Medical Billing

This basic medical billing course will give the student experience with basic medical billing procedures in Saskatchewan. In this course, the student will learn basic rules and regulations that will be applied to medical billing in an office setting. This course focuses on procedures performed in a medical office, hospital, house calls, or care homes. The ability to submit and reconcile claims is not covered in this unit because we are not a functioning medical clinic; however, these procedures are discussed throughout the course.

Communications/Cultural Sensitivity

The communications course will cover effective communication and conflict resolution with special emphasis on cultural differences. Students will pay particular attention to how they present themselves both intentionally and unintentionally and how to professionally present themselves in a medical office environment. This course will pay particular attention to creating, building, and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Each chapter dealt with will include a summary of applying skills to workplace situations.


This grammar course will take you through the basics of English grammar, giving a solid foundation of proper grammar usage for further learning. Writing and grammar skills are essential in any line of work, at any age, and for any reason. This class will center on instructing students to properly and effectively apply grammar rules to professional situations. Including covering the eight parts of speech, the student will also have skills in proper sentence structure, correct word/verb usage, proper punctuation, and proper number expression.

Medical Communications

This medical communications course focuses on clear, precise, understandable, and proper writing basics specific for the medical profession. The course will center on developing acceptable communication for the medical administrative office assistant and patients as well as fellow health care support workers. The student will start at simple writing of complete sentences and continue to add skills until the final project of an essay is completed. Proper, complete, and effective communication is the goal.

Medical Office Procedures

The medical office procedures course will cover particular skills necessary for effectively functioning in a medical office environment. The class will include proper professional written and verbal communication, filing, familiarization with inventory and ordering supplies, procedures manuals, meetings, all pertaining to a medical office environment. Along with these skills, the student will learn the personal qualifications and responsibilities of a medical administrative office assistant. The course will develop professional skills to be used in any office setting.

Patient Psychology

This patient psychology course will give the student relevant knowledge and understanding of various psychological methods and ideology pertaining to patient care. Covered in this course will be basic human needs, stages of grieving, different personality types, and communication with all patients.

Advanced Microsoft Office 

This advanced Microsoft Office course will expand on previous knowledge learned in basic Microsoft Office using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The advanced Microsoft Office course is designed to give the students advanced practical use of the program and to be able to apply this knowledge in an office setting. Each chapter builds on the previous knowledge learned.

Anatomy and Physiology

This anatomy and physiology course will give the student a basic understanding of what anatomy and physiology is, specialized to body systems. This will give the student the ability to describe a body system and understand the systemic properties. There will also be instruction on pathological conditions of each system. Medical abbreviations will be covered in this course. This course will be a prerequisite to medical transcription.

Basic Medical Transcription

This basic transcription course will give the student experience with transcribing important medical reports that are specialty specific. The modules in basic transcription are designed to give the student a real-time feel of transcribing in a medical setting. This course will work on the student’s ability to manage time, use resources, and use knowledge gained in the previously completed courses of grammar, proofreading, basic terminology, and anatomy and physiology. Basic medical transcription is a prerequisite of advanced medical transcription.

Manual Bookkeeping

The manual bookkeeping course will teach students the importance of proper, ethical, and timely accounting procedures. Instruction of this course will focus on day-to-day accounting of a business covering debits, credits, receivables, liabilities, assets, revenues, payroll, financial statements, and year end preparation. This course is recognized as a necessary introductory course which is a prerequisite for any computerized accounting course.

Financial Management/Math Skills

Financial management/math skills will give the student basic skills in understanding financial transactions of a business. These skills will be expanded on further through manual and computerized accounting courses. The student will be taught terminology associated and step-by- step instructions of different transaction types that would take place daily in a medical setting. While being instructed in this area, basic math skills will be covered.

Management Fundamentals

The management fundamentals course will help the student gain useful knowledge and skills to successfully participate in any business environment. The major focus of management fundamentals will be skills in conflict resolution, communication, and ethics. Also instructed in this course are the building blocks for time and stress management and stepping into the leadership role.

Medical Law and Ethics

This medical law and ethics course will give the student relevant knowledge and understanding of basic history of law and ethics pertaining to the medical profession. Covered in this course will be the difference between law and ethics, legal responsibilities of anyone employed in a medical setting, and information about cases involving malpractice and negligence in the province of Saskatchewan.


The proofreading course is designed to further work on the grammar basics previously taken in this course. The student will learn essential proofreading, spelling, and editing skills necessary to properly prepare and effectively compose correspondence and reports within any office. Spelling and commonly misused words are again gone through in this course. The student will develop further skills to improve their writing and compose error free business documents.

Sage 50 Accounting

The Sage 50 accounting course will take all knowledge learned from manual bookkeeping and apply electronically to a computerized accounting program. Upon completion of this course, the student will have the ability to perform daily accounting transactions, create all financial statements, find and fix accounting errors, complete a bank reconciliation, and run payroll. Focused on in Sage 50 accounting will be the general journal, ledger, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, and payroll.


Students will be required to complete training on two typing programs (Mavis Beacon and Cortez Championship Typing). Practice each day will ensure that the student is able to build up progress and speed in order to reach the required typing speed required for course completion.

What People Are Saying

MAP Testimonials

"With small classes, it has helped me with learning one on one. You are able to get help fast without having to wait. There is minimal homework; you are given plenty of class time to work on things. You feel so much more knowledgable and you will be able to find a job when school is done."

Brittney C.

"Class size has increased my confidence. I feel comfortable asking for help and communicating my needs. Lee is an amazing teacher. She ensures that each student understands course and subject material, leaving no one behind. My life has already changed for the better. I have noticed that since going to school I have instilled a more positive outlook on life in general."

Caitlin S.

"The small class sizes make it really easy to learn. It is more comfortable and easier to have open communication in a small class. Easy to balance family life because you don't have hours and hours of homework - there is plenty of class time. Very flexible and willing to work with payment schedules."

Sam S.

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