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Registered for 1 or 2 sessions, use code BOTH to recieve a $10 discount when you register for both sessions in a day.


Axiom’s Medical Massage Therapy Program conducts Cadaver labs as part of our Gross Anatomy course. Occasionally we have a few extra spaces that we are willing to fill with RMTS who were affected by COVD during their studies. The lab focuses on muscles, nerves, ligaments, and landmarks. Seats are subject to availability. No cell phones or recording devices are permitted. Respect and autonomy of specimens are paramount. Masks are optional but recomended.  Please contact us to check eligbaility of attendance prior to processing your payment. 


Cadaver Anatomy Lab

  • Be sure your registration form is completed before processing your payment. Dates, times and topic of sessions are listed on the program page

  • A non-refundable fee of $90.00 will be collected when registering for the massage workshop. **Practical Cancellation policy** Any cancellation will not be reimbursed, participants will have to arranged to come at the next available lab.

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