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Prenatal Massage FAQs


Certified Prenatal, RMTs, LMTs, or Massage Therapists

All Certified Prenatal, Massage Therapists have advanced education and techniques in conception, prenatal, prelabour, labour, and postpartum massage. Massage is one of the safest modalities for pregnancy. With no physiological complications or fertility issues, massage can influence and encourage conception. Stress is detrimental to the fertilization process (in both male and female); massage is an effective treatment to decrease stress. Massage can help maintain a healthier pregnancy; relieve neck, back, leg, and round ligament pain; lowers the rate of premature labour; may reduce labour and delivery times; and helps facilitate a natural childbirth.

Many Certified Prenatal, Massage Therapists have specialized cushions that allow mamas to lie face down from early pregnancy to full term. There are a variety of custom cushions designed to be safe for baby and mother to lay face down, sideline, and on their back. Your Certified Prenatal, RMT is educated and knows the safest positions while using the proper equipment; these RMTs care for the health of you and your baby! Massage Therapy has gained extreme popularity due to the plethora of benefits, not only for expectant mothers, but also for everyone who receives it. Medical doctors, OBGYNs, Midwives, Physiotherapist, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists (to name a few) are all referring the public to massage therapy.

Experience the comfort, care, and attention that RMTs provide to their patients. Many health plans include coverage for massage therapy; and some RMTs even direct bill! Be sure that you are always seeking the treatment of a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). These are professionals that have the education, training and experience to give you the highest standard of care. When seeking prenatal care, look for a Certified Prenatal, Registered Massage Therapist (CP, RMT). All RMTs will have introductory education on pregnancy, but a CP, RMT will have advanced education on physiology, anatomy (of mama & baby), prenatal exercises, advance techniques, and be confident and aware of prenatal care. The majority of CP, RMT will have a specialized prenatal cushion for their patients.

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