Financial aid

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What are my financial aid options?

For those who qualify: (not limited too)

Student Loans

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Bank loans (Line of credit, RESP, Educational loan, Personal loan)

Employment Insurance Educational program(s)

Are there any bursaries or grants I may apply for?

For those who qualify: (not limited too)

Saskatchewan Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants

Scholarships & Financial aid through Saskcareers

Does Axiom Career College have a scholarship?

Yes we do! It is called the Jaynie Hamm Memorial Scholarship. It is applicable only to students who attend Axiom Career College that demonstrate a financial need. For more information on the requirements and application process, please contact us.

What type of receipt does ACC issue?

Diploma programs are issued a T2202A Receipt. All of our full time programs are registered with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Advance Education. Our Certificate programs (workshops, continuing education, etc.) are issued a standard purchase receipt that is complete with our GST & BN number for tax purposes.

Does Axiom offer payment plans?

Yes, our payment plans are offered to those who qualify, stipulations may occur.

Certificate programs (workshops, continuing education, etc.) can apply for payment plans, please contact us for information.

Diploma program modified payment plans are available to those who qualify.

What documents do I need when applying for student loans?

  • your social insurance number
  • your Saskatchewan Health card
  • your spouse's social insurance number and Saskatchewan Health card (if applicable)
  • your children's Saskatchewan Health card (if applicable)
  • your Canadian citizenship papers (if applicable)
You will also have to be able to access an email that you use frequently - be sure you have the login information for that email (user name and password).
If you are still a dependant of your parents, you will need to have a parent present to complete the application for student loans. Your parent will need to have their social insurance number as well as their Saskatchewan Health card number. A dependant is defined as:
  1. a child, including an adopted child, a step-child or a wholly dependent person;
  2. 18 years or younger;
  3. wholly dependent on your parents for support; and
  4. in the custody and control of your parents, in law or in fact.
  5. have never been married or lived in a long-term common-law relationship (at least 12 months); and
  6. do not have any dependent children; and
  7. have not been out of secondary school for four years (48 months) or more; or
  8. have not been in the work force for two periods of 12 consecutive months.
For more information please contact us or visit the Saskatchewan governement student loan website

Student loan and Grants eligibility assesment threasholds

Want to learn more about student loans? check out hthe link belwo to get infomration about: Student loan and Grants eligibility assesment threasholds

Information from Canadian Government website: