Dental Office Administration


Dental Office Administration

Basic Oral Health Billing

This basic dental billing course will outline the most common billing procedures within the general practitioners dental office. In this course, the student will learn the basic rules and guidelines that will be applied for dental billing in a general practitioners office setting. Not only will this help the student understand billing, but will also help familiarize dental terminology and procedures commonly used. Every dental clinic and dentist billing will vary but this course will give students the ability to effectively adapt to all scenarios.

Basic Oral Health Terminology

This basic dental terminology course will give the student relevant and specialty specific knowledge of dental terminology. Covering administrative terminology as well as more specific anatomic terminology, this course will provide the student with the proper terminology pertaining to an administrative position within a dental office.

Communications/HR/Cultural Sensitivity

The communications course will cover effective communication and conflict resolution with special emphasis on cultural differences. Students will pay particular attention to how they present themselves both intentionally and unintentionally and how to professionally present themselves in a dental office environment. This course will pay particular attention to creating, building, and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Each chapter dealt with will include a summary of applying skills to workplace situations.

CPR First Aid Level C

This CPR class will certify the student in level c with defibrillator use. This is the level of CPR/first aid that is required for employment in most dental offices. This course will be taught at an off-site location by a certified CPR instructor.

Financial Management/Math Skills

Financial management/math skills will give the student basic skills in understanding financial transactions of a business. These skills will be expanded on further through manual and computerized accounting courses. The student will be taught terminology associated and step-by-step instructions of different transaction types that would take place daily in a dental setting. While being instructed in this area, basic math skills will be covered.


This grammar course will take you through the basics of English grammar, giving a solid foundation of proper grammar usage for further learning. Writing and grammar skills are essential in any line of work, at any age, and for any reason. This class will center on instructing students to properly and effectively apply grammar rules to professional situations. Including covering the eight parts of speech, the student will also have skills in proper sentence structure, correct word/verb usage, proper punctuation, and proper number expression.

Manual Bookkeeping

The manual bookkeeping course will teach students the importance of proper, ethical, and timely accounting procedures. Instruction of this course will focus on day to day accounting of a business covering debits, credits, receivables, liabilities, assets, revenues, payroll, financial statements, and year-end preparation. This course is recognized as a necessary introductory course which is a prerequisite for any computerized accounting courses.

Microsoft Office

This Microsoft Office course will give the student building blocks to navigate through any project using Word and Excel. The Microsoft Office course is designed to give the students practical use of the program and to be able to apply this knowledge in an office setting. Each chapter builds on the previous knowledge learned, and covers both basic and advanced use of Microsoft Office which will build further on the student’s understanding of these programs

Oral Health Law and Ethics

This dental law and ethics course will give the student relevant knowledge and understanding of basic history of law and ethics pertaining to the dental profession. Covered in this course will be the difference between law and ethics, information regarding the standards of professional and legal conduct for dentists, and the importance of the patient physician relationship.

Oral Health Office Procedures

The oral health office procedures course will cover particular skills necessary for effectively functioning in an oral health office environment. The class will include proper professional written and verbal communication, filing, familiarization with inventory and ordering supplies, procedures manuals, meetings, all pertaining to an oral health office environment. Along with these skills, the student will learn the personal qualifications and responsibilities of a dental office administrative staff member. The course will develop professional skills to be used in any office setting.

Patient Psychology

This patient psychology course will give the student relevant knowledge and understanding of various psychological methods and ideology pertaining to patient care. Covered in this course will be basic human needs, different personality types, and communication with all patients. Patient anxiety is dealt with in this course as well


The proofreading course is designed to further work on the grammar basics previously taken in this course. The student will learn essential proofreading, spelling, and editing skills necessary to properly prepare and effectively compose correspondence and reports within any office. Spelling and commonly misused words are again gone through in this course. The student will develop further skills to improve their writing and compose error free business documents.

Resume Writing/Job Search

The student will compose an effective and engaging cover letter and resume to be sent out to prospective employers. Proper, complete, and effective communication is the goal.

Sage 50 Accounting (Computerized Accounting)

The Sage 50 accounting course will take all knowledge learned from manual bookkeeping and apply electronically to a computerized accounting program. Upon completion of this course, the student will have the ability to build a company from scratch, perform daily accounting transactions, and all financial statements. Focused on in Sage 50 accounting will be the general journal, ledger, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, and payroll.